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tv   News  ABC  May 3, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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this one is one-of-a-kind and we'll tell you how it was made in a moment. good monday morning. just a few seconds before 630. >> here is justin with the monday morning look at weather. >> these couches don't look comfortable they're waterproof which is something you might want to consider this morning. heavy rain pushing through howard county. it is the most powerful doppler radar. we have five sweeps coming through and the heavy rain still on top. it is pushing towards elk ridge and 295 and 95 into downtown baltimore. we're checking out heavy rain from the west side, the dark green shading does ease up a little bit back towards westminster and bellaire and for our friends out of york county heavy stuff pushing from spring grove towards new freedom and heavy rain along the 83 stretch. overall basically looking at
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rainfall this morning that should try to ease up after the morning commute. there is a front swinging through. temperatures trying to take a dive and started in the 80s at midnight. 73 in baltimore. towards dc and easton 60s on the north side and may slip into the 60s and we'll get back to 82 with part i sunny skies and isolated storms. let's go back to the wet roads with kim. >> people are definitely taking time this morning. as well you should because the roadways are slip. there is road spray and lilted i sayibility. looking at the beltway volume is starting to pick up a little bit and moving at a fairly good pace and looks like people are moving at speed or above speed in instances and very much different case here on the top side of the outer loop on the west side at old court road, pretty much a slowdown ought of 795 headed towards i-70. give yourself lots of time.
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as we take a peek at the drive times, we have about 7 minutes towards the beltway on the top side between the 83s that will take two minutes and 6 minutes between the beltway to northern parkway. as you head northbound on 795 just fast the ramps at the beltway, still going to see debris in the roadway that could cause to you hit the brakes in places. 6:32. thankthank you, kim. months ago we told you speed cameras would be going up in various places. right now today the cameras are activated. one is in arbutus where we're live with sherrie johnson. >> good morning, jamie. you probably want to take it slowly this morning if you're in baltimore county in arbutus on sulfur spring road. not only because of the weather but also they're having speed cameras in this area here, and right now we don't have a lot of information on the roadway
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right now, but those cameras went into service about 6:00 this morning, about 30 minutes ago. these speed cameras have been posted to allow officers to issue citations to speeders. there are 15 cameras throughout the county, two go into service today. the feedback is mixed depending on who you talk to. it can take a picture of your license plated and issue a ticket automatically. one of the two cameras that will issue tickets today is that in front of dundalk respectry school. it is a straightaway where drivers could go 35 or 40, but the speed limit is 25 miles an hour. the camera will issue a ticket if you're driving 12 miles over the speed limit. some drivers have different opinions on the speed cameras. >> it is in a school zone so i think a good idea to get me to go slower. >> 25 miles an hour is too slow, you know what i mean?
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>> the cameras will only operate monday through friday from 6 in the morning until 9 at night. if you git a ticket, that nine is about $40, but it doesn't go against any parents on your license. sherrie johnson, abc2 newses. take a look at news around the nation. meet the man who cleared the biggest enter section of the world after he alerted to an suv that contained explosives. he was patrolling times square on horse back when he smelled gun powder and he was just doing his job he says. >> he is a great guy. he is a great father. he is a great husband. he is a good guy glee loses what he does, and if anybody should be here, it is him. >> he is eight months away from retiring. nocialg noshing city moire michael bloosmburg says he has seen no evidence so far that it
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is clinicked to a large terrorist organization. police say the vehicle contained after type of fertilizer that cannot go off. they say a suspected device near the finish line of that the pittsburgh marathon prompted them to halt the race briefly. police add that a bomb squad used a robot to disable the device. the device was found in a small microwave oven on the sidewalk after the leaders finished the course monday morning. reevacuated and eventually ended up delaying it for 10 to 12 minutes. >> a teenager has a sugary show stopper at the prom. >> she transformed a childhood staple into her own gown. she used 117 capri sun wrappers to make the dress. she had it done in time for the
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senior ball. >> everybody is like your dress is awesome, i wish i was wearing it, and they are like can i touch it. >> i am very proud of her. i tint know if she was going to be able to do it, but she followed through and completed it. >> her next stop is project runway. it is a hiewt dress. she made her boyfriend a matching tie which only teamed fair sense he helped her drink all the capri sun pouches and she had a passing grade on the project. >> it is a cute looking dress. >> they say laughter is the best medicine. >> this group gathered together for a heavy dose. >> and the latest from clears flooding in the south and when will the waters start to reseed? . >> out there right now you will find a heavy volume of passengers on the 19, 7, and 64
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bus lines and the number 3 bus express and the 120 commuter bus southbound dying diversions at fayeth and st. paul due to construction. on the mark train system look for trains 10 minutes late and the other lines get to travel and like rail southbound running 10. i am mark jones.
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. 20 minutes away from 7:00. at least 15 people are dead as a result of severe weather in mississippi and tennessee. a line of storms went through the area a and a couple of tornadoes popped up. the governor says it could be days before the waters pull back and then they will assess the damage. the cumberland river is expected to crest today in nashville. and a family had a scare
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when a hot air balloon landed at home. it landed about 25 feet from a couple's backyard. the sheriff's department said it ran out of fuel and had to stop unexpectedly? >> this is world laughter day. it is the best medicine, and special laugh can teach you how to laugh, how to combine the goodness of yoga and laughter. they organized this event more than 15 years ago and gr to a park and listen to a giggling guru and laugh for a second. [ laughter ] >> that's and you i during commercial break. [ laughter ] >> smile, you're on candid camera. >> it comes with an unwanted piece of mail. >> baltimore county authorities go after speeders. i will have the story coming up. >> and it is a disaster of epic
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proportions. we'll go live to one of the places most affected by the oil spill. >>
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. this is the news to go. thanks for joining us, i am megan pringle. >> and i am jamie costello. we'll follow the latest on the oil spill in the gulf of mexico where at least another week of gushing oil is expected. >> we'll go live to pensacola in a moment. first check in with just expin get a check on the weather. >> good morning. it is 6:45. what a sloppy ride on monday. we had ourselves a nice summer like weekend and this is the view. we need windshield wipers. veterans elementary slipping to 68 while many of us around the beltway and the bay in the low 70s, the winds pushing 25 miles per hour, strong gusts with a band much rain just coming through the city and passing through cainsville and kat onville to arbutus. it is going to ease up a bit as we pull this back a little further. the band of rain extending through locke lock and pushing
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through towson and hard ford and cecil county. it will be wet and a slow ride t does ease up a little. although we have the heaviest from york and harrisburg through baltimore and dc and a nap lis have to deal with it for another half-hour to hour. we should begin to improve as we head through the midto late morning hours. back end of the rain is pushing through and it will ease up and the rain and damage have already been done. we have ourselves a slow commute. although we may briefly slip into the 60s, we'll get back to the 70s later this morning. turn i sunny and isolated storms this afternoon. this will shift the oil slick towards florida churning up high waters across the gulf of mexico. an isolated shower in the afternoon and should clear it out over night with patchy fog and another storm popping up tomorrow afternoon and the midweek is better. the morning rain aiming for 83 this afternoon and patchy fog, low 60s over night. here is kim brown with the commute. >> given the slick road
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conditions this morning, actually the rush hour could be going a lot worse. we really don't have a whole lot going on as we take a peek at the cameras. delays will be the extent of the problem on the west side moving sluggish and slow as you head towards i-70 the liberty road and really it will be slow again on the inner loop lanes going to be coming from hartford heading towards i-95. the drive times will be up 10 minutes on the outer loop from 795 to i-70, five from white marsh boulevard and the harbor tunnel freeway a 9 minute trip from the split down to 295. one crash westbound i-70 at woodbine road in howard county. 6:47 and go live to the gulf coast where the disastrous oil spill is devastating the region. federal officials say prepare for the worst. the people who live in the gulf coast say the worst is already here. don is live in pensacola, florida. this morning. what's the latest there?
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>> good morning, megan. they're preparing as you say for the worst. they have been through hurricanes before and they're used to that. they're not used to this black tide only about 5 to 10 miles off the coast and one or two days from hitting in pensacola beach. we're a 20 minute drive from the alabama border. folks around here spent the weekend laying boom. they picked up trash and decree along the beaches because it is easier to clean up off of sand than it is large objects. they're doing what they can to prepare, but frankly they don't know what to expect, and they don't know if they can do possibly anything near enough to prevent their livelihoods from being destroyed. it is a very, very somber feeling. they're looking at the ocean and saying when is it coming and what is it going to do to us. >> i know over the weekend the governor toured the area by helicopter where the oil spill is.
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has he said anything to folks in florida about what's going to happen now and what's the next step for the state? >> he did. he said this was a crisis of epic proportions and he declared a disaster area for counties that they expect to have the oil slick hitting sometime in the next two days. they're not sure if they have the money to to understand to this. just like up in the maryland area they have budget problems. we have budget problems. this is an unexpected budget problem. of course bp oil says they're going to reimburse everybody, but the state is going to have to come up with the money first and wait in line with everybody else to get repaid. on p to of the clean up efforts they're worried about how to pay for it. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> 6:49. listen, you have your work id picture. right? you remember your senior year book picture, you were on camera in the bank and when you cross an enter section, so what's the big deal over more cameras going up today?
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sheer is sherrie johnson live with her mind on speed. >> good morning, jamie. we're out here in arbutus on sulfur spring road where right behind me we're seeing a little traffic picking up but basically officers put speed cameras on the road to catch the speeders and those citations, well, that goes into effect at 6:00 this morning. basically the speed limit is 25 miles an hour. we haven't seen a whole lot of people speeding, and then again it is raining pretty bad so you definitely would wanted to slow it down. the feedback is mixed on whending who you talk to. the sam are system can take a picture of the license plate and issue a ticket ought mactdly. one of the two cameras that will issue tickets is dunn way in front of dundalk elementary school, a long straightaway stretch and many people tend to see. they will issue a ticket if you're driving 12 miles over the speed limit. they have theories as to why
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the cameras are a bad idea. >> give you a warning. everybody should get a first time warning because of this being a new thing. i feel they should warn you about it. >> the cameras will only operate monday through friday from 6 in the morning until 8 at night. if you get a ticket the fine is $40. reporting live in arbutus, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> nine minutes away from 7:00. 14 people who worked for a diner chain have complained of being sexually abused by their bosses or fellow employees. the most recent lawsuit was filed in january. stephanie carr claims she was the target of unwanted sexual advances and says she was ridiculed because of her jeaned are. the lawyers for saying they have implemented detail antiharassment policies. we have breaking news. one of two juveniles who
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escaped from a detention center has been captured. according to the sun they ran away from the school in parkville last night and were reported missing around 8:45 and had escaped a little before 8:30. authorities will not release more details or the names of the juveniles. by breaking bread they hope to break the ice. administrators stat one and principals and community leaders to talk about education. they're talking about the challenges they face and the help they need from lawmakers. bullying was also discuss. city school superintendent andre says that despite a recent incident at gilmore school the rates of violence are actually done. he says the community has become engaged to work on this problem. it is the parents responsibility to talk to their kids about bullying. new york police released surveillance video that could
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be a major include into saturday night's attempted car bombing t shows a man changing thirties and walking out of frame. police are calling this man a person of interest. it was taken from about a half a block from where police found a nissan path finder containing bomb making betters found on west 45th street. thousands were cleared from the area for ten hours after they learned there was a suspicious vehicle that kind explosive. we he know more about a new tax that some are finding hard to sonicwallly. a council committee is set to vote on the beverage tax. it would add $0.04 of tax to soda and most alcoholic beverages purchased in the city of baltimore. it would not include 2 leader bottles that contain more than 10% juice. the task is expected to range about 11 million collars a year to help eliminate the massive
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budget stef knit. it was scheduled to vote on friday, but it was postponed. >> how about those orioles? completing the first home sweep in the red sox since 1974 another strong outing from kevin and won it on ti's walk off rbi double in the tenth and then he was smashed. the wind river wind river worst is over. the orioles roll into new york now as guthrie goes up againstcc, and not all the news is good. second base man brian roberts says his lower back is still barking and will keep him out of the lineup indefinitely. he went on the dl april 12th with a strained abdominal muscle and received more treatment on the disc in his back. drien said today he could be out anywhere from three weeks to three months. we told you about the action on the field yesterday between the orioles and the red sox.
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there was more action in one part of the stands. wait until you read web executive producer larry kearney's run in with a fan who was less than thrilled about him standing up and chor cheering. it is all apart of his new weekly column sundays with larry. click on the sports page. >> tonight on abc2 news at 11 the young woman murdered 15 years ago, her killer is still on the loose. the family is struggling for answers. >> you just constantly wonder constantly in your head, is it this guy? is it that guy? is it somebody we they ever thought about? it is endless. >> the family is not alone in the search foreclosure. police nationwide and here in baltimore agents an alarmingly growing trend of unsolved murders. >> we don't have that kind of personality to stop. we'll never stop hoping that
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there will be justice. >> brian kuebler talks to them about their struggle to get their daughter's case solved. new police efforts to close the case on her, her murder, and tonight we'll hear from other case that is are unsolved in baltimore city. all coming up on the abc 2 news at 11. next on good morning america an abc news exclusive. the administration says no new offshore drilling until the investigation into this latest oil spilt is finished. plus watch the wife and mom whose disappearance caused a panic until this was revealed she pled with another man. she will be onto tell her story and the man she ran away with will be there with her. >> what investigators are focusing on that the man who was changing his shirt and packing it away. >> we'll see you at 9:00.
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